3 plans to put Yedai Artificial intelligence at your service

Based on a specific HR knowledge base, our chatbot offers enough flexibility to cater any type and size of companies.

Pricing per plan

Do-It-Yourself or leave it all in our hands

Yedai includes a user friendly interface for you to keep your Chatbot contents up to date. It also has its own Knowledge Management System, with 3 different service plans.


50€ / month

Easy chatbot for your company

  • Answer up to 50 FAQs 24/7

  • Unlimited number of employees / queries

  • Edit answers anytime

  • Secure & private anonymous conversations

  • Update and download your FAQs digital document

  • Personalise look & feel and avatar

Essential Plus

Improve the plan

Add only the extras you need from our catalogue

  • ChatGPT powered up to 1500 interactions

    (+ 5€ / month)

  • Automatic reports & reading conversations in real time

    (+ 20€ / month)

  • Add answers in Spanish

    (+ 20€ / month)

  • Delegate not covered questions to  someone in the team

    (+ 5€ / month)

  • Voice conversations

    (+ 15€ / month)

  • Add answers in Catalan

    (+ 20€ / month)

  • Ask for specific Slack or Teams integration pricing

Full Service

Let's talk

Chatbot at its best: Leave all maintenance work to our Yedai team

  • On top of all the Essential features and extras

  • Answer up to 100 FAQs

  • Add specific topics related to your business

  • Integrate your chatbot into Slack, Teams or any other HR application you already use

  • Quarterly sessions with consultant

A chatbot adapted to your company needs

From a quick win easy solution to the most sophisticated and versatile. Our aim is to cover the needs of small and big organisations. In all cases, Yedai will serve an unlimited number of users and its answers can adapt to the particular circumstances of each company. In its Full-service version, Yedai adopts the look & feel of your company and takes full advantage of the artificial intelligence learning engine.

How many days I am entitled to if I am moving home?
Is there any employee manual?
Whom can I ask for office supplies?