End-to-end chatbot solution based on a solid knowledge

YedAI is an end-to-end chatbot solution based on a solid knowledge management framework customized to your specific organisation needs.
The idea

Uncontrolled soft data

Hard-data has been the focus of many organisations for years: statistics, sales numbers, indicators in dashboards, etc. Hard-data has been the focus of many organisations for years: statistics, sales numbers, indicators in dashboards. Nevertheless, qualitative information that helps solve simple customer facing questions about our services and products are part of the “soft-data” that is constantly growing and being updated. This challenge requires extra attention in the context of virtual workspaces / remote teams

Where to find the resources necessary to kick off a new project?
How to onboard a new employee?
How shall I request my holidays?
The solution

Meet YedAI: Information Architecture and Artificial Intelligence in one

YedAI handles information complexity in its own Knowledge Management System (back-end) and provides a friendly front interface to reach teams effectively.

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Real savings

The implementation of Yed.ai saves your employees time and thus facilitates on boarding processes and organisational training. It can also reduce inefficiency in human resources or tech support areas, answering repetitive questions and freeing up resources to tackle complex cases.

NPS indicators

NPS indicators improvement

Your teams no longer have to search for answers to easy questions in multiple intranet pages. Easy and efficient access to this information via a chatbot have a significant impact on employee engagement.


Professional Expert Consulting

As our client you will always have the opportunity to benefit from professional expert advice on Knowledge Management in your AI journey.

How it works in the back?

Go straight and wisely towards your goal

Under the hood, the process takes 2 simple steps

Solid Knowledge Management

Our team constructs the Information Architecture (IA) you can leverage to provide awesome customer service, using your organisation's soft-data knowledge base.

Tailored-made Conversational agent

YedAI Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be totally adapted to your organisation specific ways of working, vocabulary, data structure and culture.

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Tailored to your specific needs