End-to-end chatbot solution for organizations of all kinds

Connect with citizens, employees or customers providing fast and precise information 24/7.
What are the benefits?

Transform Data into Organizational Knowledge

Take control of the "soft-data" your customers, employees and users interact with everyday!

Connect with your Customers

Your customers require qualitative information like refunds procedure, best way to take care of the product, guarantees…

24/7 Customer Support

Keep your Team up-to-date

Your employees need to know the process to take paternity leave, reimburse expenses, open a query for technical teams, get office supplies or request a new laptop?

Your company interactive wiki


What makes us special?

YedAI is a personalized chatbot solution. No DIY, we make it simple for you from the start.
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Fully customizable

Enjoy a solid chatbot framework that understands your key users' language first, merging itself with your organization. Add an artificial team member that scales as needed and learns faster than anyone.

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Multi Language detection

YedAI responds in the language of the user, no need to set it up previously. Our language experts supervise the bot conversations and identify knowledge-base gaps and ways to improve the dialog experience. YedAI relies on native speakers for the languages of choice to ensure users can choose comfortably their preferred language.

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Voice & Web plug-in

YedAI can be plugged into all your sites as well as speak with your customers if you provide voice / speech option as part of customer experience design.

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Performance analytics dashboard

YedAI provides automatic tracking of performance: -Neural network effectiveness (higher is better) -Useless Answers perception (lower is better) Your chatbot performance dashboard is updated to allow hard-data results evaluation and decision making.

Fully Managed Conversational bot

YedAI is your partner from the start, taking all of the complexity out of your hands. Get it right from the start. Our tested ML and Knowledge Management framework saves time and money.
How it works?

Learn how we do it under the hood

Information Architecture

Information Architecture

We provide a solid knowledge management framework that can be customized to specific business needs.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Our conversational agent applies supervised learning to improve its quality

Success case

Recommended by Health Promotion Department Read more

" YedAI the chatbot we relied on to inform about COVID19 pandemic, helped us to organize the information that we used to answer citizen's questions at our phone line. We trusted YedAI to digitally reach populations who usually don't use official phone numbers. YedAI has already changed the way we work. We are very grateful to the team! "

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I am María from Health Promotion Department

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