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An accelerator serves your company to kickoff projects quicker and reduces time of implementation.

Customizing the LLM-powered tool of your choice

An AI virtual assistant

We created Yedai back in 2020 to resolve the doubts of our own team and got convinced of its benefits. Today we can help you develop custom GenAI applications for your company.

What time do I start and finish work?
Our official working hours are from 9 am to 5 pm with half hour for lunch at midday.
However we are flexible, just check with your teammates to accommodate to their needs too.
Onboarding newly hired employees

The induction process of new team members is a challenge, specially in remote or hybrid work models. Yedai is designed to integrate them smoothly into the organisation

Use conversational AI to generate friendly answers
Hello 👋, how can I help you?
I am pregnant. What benefits do I have?
Congratulations! Remember that, in Spain, paternity and maternity leaves are based on this regulation. Provides up to sixteen weeks for both parents. The first six are compulsory for both and must be taken at the same time. When you have decided on your plans, send an email to informing us of the approximate date of the happy event.
Great info! Thanks
Improves productivity

Yedai takes advantage of AI technology to process knowledge and facilitate its transformation and accessibility. We do not have to read a whole document to resolve a simple question.

Keeps track of information needs

What makes us special?

Yedai is an accelerator for Chatbot & GenAI projects available for your company.

Conversational chatbot accelerator

Yedai is your partner from the start, taking all of the complexity out of your hands. Get it right from the start. Our tested Machine Learning and Knowledge Management framework saves time and money.

224 Customizable and scalable

We customize Yedai accelerator to fit your special needs and knowledge domain.

225 Multi Language detection

Yedai leverages the power of LLMs to offer a multilingual solution if necessary. The accelerator will interact matching the user language.

226 Customized integrations

Yedai can be inserted easily in your intranet, or preferred chat messenger services you already have. Book a demo or send us more details of which applications you work with to

227 Chatbot Analytics

Yedai offers reports about the chatbot usage indicators and the topics users are requesting more information about in real time.

WhatsApp, Slack, Teams...

Does your company use an internal communication software?

Yedai can be integrated into any communication channel you use in your company. Easily use Yedai on the platform that best suits your needs.

Learn how we do it under the hood... Now powerd by OpenAI!

How does it work?

Cómo funciona - Arquitectura de la información Information Architecture

We provide a solid management framework that can be adapted per organisation

Cómo funciona - Yedai con ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence powered by OpenAI

Yedai never stops learning because it can change with your organisation. We offer consulting services in digital transformation and AI basic training to ensure your team satisfaction.

Success Case

Recommended by remote first companies

"YedAI's automatic reports show us what kind of information is missing or most relevant for the work teams. In addition, the qualitative analysis of anonymous conversations has driven the modification of processes to improve the employee experience and, therefore, our efficiency as a company."

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