YedAI answers to the more than 100 employees of the remote-first technology company. The team is distributed in more than 17 cities, including New York and Vienna, and communicates with the bot in 3 different languages.


Neural network efficiency after 3 months of supervised learning


Of “useful” answers rated by users

11 700+

Identified questions

"YedAI's automatic reports show us what kind of information is missing or most relevant for the work teams. In addition, the qualitative analysis of anonymous conversations has driven the modification of processes to improve the employee experience and, therefore, our efficiency as a company."

The challenge: COVID 2020

Start working remotely from one day to another

APSL was a company with 3 offices until 2020, when the pandemic sent everyone home. Up until then, there were only 4 people working from home. In one single day everyone was distributed with no face-to-face communication available.

The situation made it urgent for the team to look for solutions to increase internal communication efficiency.

Choosing frequently asked questions and answers

What do our employees really want to know?

3 years ago APSL's management team could only guess what topics were relevant to employees... Now they know exactly what they are, how they are asked, and what kind of answers are most effective. The possibility to receive questions anonymously has been very helpful in achieving this.

Integration with internal communication tools

Convenience of using a chatbot

YedAI in its Full-service plan was adapted to APSL's colours to be integrated into their preferred messaging service.


Employees can have private conversations or ask questions as a group if they wish. Anonymity is optional. Human monitoring of conversations included in the Full Service plan ensures that if an unfamiliar topic is identified, the bot can learn new answers.

What we learned

Organisation and People, the most valued topics

With more than 6 months of experience using the chatbot and analysing conversations, APSL has learned which questions are frequently asked by their team.

11 700+

Questions answered

The current version of YedAI is able to answer more than 11700 different questions, identifying the specific need of the employee and returning the answer that APSL considers most suitable


Network effectiveness after 12 weeks

This indicator, which is included in the Full-service Plan, sums the "Correct" answers (65%) plus those that the company decides not to answer (16.7%). The neural network's ability to recognise what the bot should not respond to is almost as important as responding.


Useful answers rated by users

YedAI in its Essential Plus version provides this indicator at any desired time. It is based on user feedback after receiving a response.


The most important topic of all is holidays, public holidays and ways of requesting leave. In addition, APSL learned that some people like to say hello in the morning to the bot, as well as goodbye when they leave for the day...