Increase human communication for distributed teams

In the past, work at the office was the norm... now we need to keep connected through digital tools. YedAI is the colleague at hand, ready to help 24/7.
The Challenge

Keep teams connected and strenghten internal communication

In this new era post COVID, it is not possible to hire 10 people at once and expect them all to learn all they need about our company through teammates. Most organisations do not have content ready to resolve all the doubts that a new to role could have.

Our colleagues are busy most of the time, liaising with home office dynamic... so setting up an online meeting just to ask "How do I request holidays?" or "My PC is not working, what can I do?" is not an option.


End-to-end implementation service

YedAI consulting team helps you throughout the implementation process and design of your own Employee Experience.


Custom integrations service 

Our team takes care of seamlessly connecting the bot with back office - third party platforms required to provide better employee experience.

At same time, YedAI can be integrated with the communication channels of your choice, once clarified the internal comms policy with the Human Resources area.


Performance analytics dashboard provides automatic track of performance, measuring as a minimum 2 indicators:

  • Neural network effectiveness (higher the better)
  • Useless Answers perception (lower the better)

Your chatbot performance dashboard is updated at the frequency required to allow hard-data results evaluation and decision making.

Ad-hoc Proof of Concept 

YedAI helps you manage the Artificial Intelligence implementation risk by setting a PoC to cover just a specific language and limited topics.

How many days of holidays I have left?
If you wish to log in with your employee credentials I can take a look at your allowance.
Otherwise we can keep chatting anonymously.
Key Features

Curated and Supervised Answers

YedAI does not leave AI to manage by itself. Our team understands the risks of large anonymous datasets and the dangers of Machine Learning with biases. Therefore, our commitment and social responsibility is to provide a Supervised Learning service, for organisations who care for reputation as much as for efficiency.
Hola 👋, ¿cómo puedo ayudarte?
Hi, can we speak in English?
sure, I can speak English and Spanish, how can I help you?

Multi Language detection 

YedAI responds in the language of the user, no need to set it up previously.

Our language experts supervise YedAI conversations and identify knowledge-base gaps and ways to improve the dialog experience.

YedAI relies on native speakers for the languages of choice to ensure employees can choose comfortably their preferred language.

How can I ask for a raise?
Set a meeting with your direct manager to talk about this. I can set it up for you if you wish.
Do you wish to send performance feedback requests to some mates? 🤓

Effective answers 

Our proprietary algorithm reaches 64% efficacy in 2 weeks and 76% in 10 weeks even with low demand.

YedAI identifies users' intentions when making a query and is able to adapt to complex environments with multiple changes of content.

See our success case information for more details!

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How else I can help you? 🤓

Customizable web plug-in and voice interaction

YedAI adopts the look & feel of your preference, as well as the avatar of your choice, following your company branding guidelines as requested. can also be plugged into all your sites as well as speak with your team if you provide voice / speech option as part of customer experience design.

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